Church doesn't end on Sundays. Connect Groups are an important part of what we do; they are a great way to meet new people, to pursue a passion with like minded people and hang out with new and old friends.

There are many different Connect Groups that pursue different interests, age groups and locations. Find your fit with the handy chart below, but keep in mind that new Groups start all the time, so let us know about your passions and interests and we can help you find your fit.

There is no limit to the number of Connect Groups you join. Join as many as you like, test them out and find your 'fit' because you were Born for More.

Connect groups:

Connect with God and people

Wednesday night: 


Wednesday Mornings:




Prayer meeting:

Friday morning at LAKESiDE

Antiques & Treasures:

Thursday fortnightly during the day

Band Practice:

Tuesday nights during the term- if you have musical talent and passion, we want you!


Get Connected

Get Connected

For More information on Connect Groups contact LAKESiDE CHURCH Office using this form.

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